Hale V Magazine Lingerie Photos Show Her “More Grown Up”

Lucy Hale is showing a “more  grown up” side of herself in a new photo shoot for V magazine that was released on Wednesday and features the actress in her lingerie. Check out the photos below.

In one image from wholesale bikinis the racy spread, the “Pretty Little Liars” star can be seen wearing a black blazer and tiny shorts that barely cover her behind. A second photo features Hale laying on a mattress in lingerie, as a half-naked man stares at her. A third shot of the actress has her in a black cut-out dress as she seductively poses on a bed. And the fourth and final picture shows Hale standing against a wall in a mini-dress with a drink in her hand.

Hale told V she was “excited” about the photo shoot because she wanted to do something “a lot more grown up.” The actress said that the photographer was her trainer’s husband. Hale then noted, “We came up with this idea to do something really raw and a lot more grown up and edgier than I was used to doing. It was something for fun and something just to experiment a little bit.” The ABC Family star continued, “When we saw the photos we were like, Well, sht,’ we need to do something with these!'”

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