Penelope Cruz directs another sexy film for Agent Provocateur lingerie – with the hope this one won’t be banned

The Spanish actress is sexy lingerie sale back as the director of the rather risky film to promote the autumn/winter 2014 collection L’Agent by Agent Provocateur, the lingerie line designed by Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica.

L’Agent, the sister label of the British luxury underwear line Agent Provocateur, has sparked controversies since its launch over its racy promotional films.

Cruz directed a promotional film with husband Javier Bardem last year to promote L’Agent, but the film was deemed so saucy that YouTube took it down. But it didn’t seem to stop the 40-year-old actress, as she’s back with a new collection and a video she told to be sexier than ever.


“Hopefully, this time my film won’t be banned for being too sexy,” she said.

In the recently revealed 20-second teaser, Cruz is seen in red leopard-print bra, driving a red Cadillac taking a trip across the dessert. Then handsome Spanish model Jon Kortajarena (known as Jon K) appears writhing in the middle arid land, in need of water and assistance, but suddenly he sees in the distance a bevy of beauties wearing the colourful L’Agent lingerie designs, by the Cruz sisters. Whether is just a real sight or a mirage it’s yet to be revealed when the full film is released on 1 August.

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